We Offer Bilingual Staffing

We provide staffing solutions to find the right candidate for your company. We provide temp employees, temp-to-hire, and long-term staff leasing services. Often times companies waste time and money while locating new talent. By hiring a third party to provide your staffing solutions, whether it is mere recruitment and vetting to long term staff leasing, we can handle payroll, benefits and HR issues. Our services allow you to focus on your business. As a language firm, we specialize in locating highly skilled bilingual talent for your company. In addition to focusing on your specific industry's requirements and needs, we locate individuals who have an advanced bilingual command specific to your industry. Whether you are in need of in-house translators, or bilingual customer service reps, we locate and complete the vetting process as they relate to your need and industry. If your company does not have an industry specific language proficiency assessment created, leave that to us.