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Interpreting language services

Linguistic Areté is a Michigan-based language firm committed to providing quality language services. Whether you require legal documents translated or a medical interpreter, we understand your language requirements are paramount to your success. We convey more than just words: we convey meaning.

Our proven workflow process will quickly and competently make your business global. We partner competitive rates with a high quality of service. Our competitive rates allow even the smallest company to access the global market.

As a language firm we provide a range of services to meet all client’s needs, from draft to certified, publishable translations. We also can help with any paralegal or administrative support needed on your project.  Please contact us today at info@linguisticarete.com or (866) 574-1702.

Meet Our Staff
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    Kelly J. Preuss

    Before establishing and growing Linguistic Arete in 2010, Mrs. Preuss worked as a paralegal in environmental, business.... Read More

  • Michigan Translation Services

    Giuliana Brandão

    Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Giuliana received her Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations, concentration.... Read More

  • Translation Services Michigan

    Claire Taylor

    Claire Taylor is currently enrolled in Michigan State University’s Bachelor program in Marketing with a minor in Organizational.... Read More

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