We Provide Legal Spanish Courses

We have a collaborative approach to business, and as a strategic partner our goal is not simply engage in business, but to help our clients grow. When involved in cross-border transactions, even if you are not fully fluent in the destination country's language, it is helpful to know some terminology and customs.

Our expertise as a subject-specific company allows us to create industry-specific language courses to help your business grow. Each course can be specifically tailored to your industry upon request. Classes are all online for convenience with a live, native Spanish teacher. For large groups we can accommodate on-site courses as well.

Through our legal Spanish courses you will learn basic Spanish via our customized mix-method curriculum, as well as legal jargon commonly used to for litigation and to transact business.

We based our curriculum on traditional textbook lesson plans, intermixed with audio-visual association, oral comprehension and dialogue for accent reduction.