As a business professional, your reputation rests on being able to communicate effectively with others. With international business, this means being able to provide translated documents that accurately represent your intended message. If you doubt the work of a previous translation firm, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Haslett translating experts.  At Linguistic Areté, we are more than qualified to translate specialized information related to niche subject areas and industry-specific vocabulary.

While specialized translations are more expensive than general translations, they can also be worth it if you operate in an industry that depends on specific terminology. Proper translation services are an investment to your business’s success in the global market. Below are some situations where you can benefit from our document review translation service with an emphasis on specialized translation.

You Belong to an Industry That Relies Heavily on Jargon for Communication

There are many companies that rely on translators familiar with jargon specific to their field. For your convenience, we have listed a few industries that benefit the most from our document review translation service.

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Technical
  • Manufacturing
  • And more!

Even if you don’t belong to any of these industries, you may come across a situation in which specialized translation is needed. At Linguistic Areté, we hire degree-holding employees from a variety of disciplines. Their knowledge of industry-specific terminology decreases your chance of being misunderstood by important clients.

You Are Producing Documents Dependent on Accuracy For the Safety of its Users

Some documents rely on accurate translation more than others. For example, safety manuals for factories need to be correctly translated to protect workers and to limit liability to any related parties. Other documents that rely on accurate translation for safety reasons include those belonging to the medical field. It is of outmost importance that whenever new technologies are introduced into the medical field that non-English speaking medical professionals understand the correct protocols. Safeguard the reputation of your company by making sure all medical and technical jargon is accurately translated into your client’s language.

You Want to Impress a Major Client

Are you looking to add a major client to your company’s portfolio, but don’t share a common language? At Linguistic Areté, we are familiar with a multitude of languages for your professional translation needs. Sometimes, establishing that first connection with a non-English speaking client can be intimidating. However, a specialized translator can ease some of your worries. Generalists within the translation industry can misinterpret important key words, making a negative impression on your client. However, at Linguistic Areté, you can trust our translation professionals to make sure you are represented well through your translated documents. No errors means no miscommunication on the global stage.

If you are interested in our document review service, please feel free to contact our experienced translators at our Haslett office at (866) 574-1702. At Linguistic Areté, our certified translators can ensure your professional documents are accurately translated.